What is Endodontic Retreatment? | Harrisburg NC Dentist

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Endodontic, or root canal, treatment is a safe, effective solution for treating an infection in the tooth root or surrounding tissues. In most cases, this preserves the natural tooth, allowing it to remain healthy for many more years. While it is rare, there are occasions when an infection can return months or even years after treatment. When this occurs, an endodontic retreatment may be recommended.

When is endodontic retreatment recommended?
Though it is rare for retreatment to be needed, it may be recommended to preserve a previously-treated tooth in certain cases. The most common reason for needing retreatment is infection, which can be caused by:

New tooth decay
Loose, cracked, or broken crown
Delayed placement of the crown following initial treatment
Fractured tooth

How is endodontic retreatment performed?
Retreatment is completed in the same manner as the initial root canal treatment. Our dentist in Harrisburg will remove the crown and filling materials, remove the infection, and clean the canals before refilling them to prevent recurrence of infection. Once healed, a new crown will be placed.

If you are experiencing discomfort in a tooth that has previously had root canal treatment, contact our Harrisburg NC dentist for an evaluation. It could save your tooth.

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